Bad Beats In Poker

Why Do Bad Beats In Poker Happen? is all about Beat Beats in Poker. Bad Beats happen and sometimes cannot be avoided. But some Bad Beats happen because poker players get greedy and try to keep the opponents in the pot, or try to win more. If you back track and replay your Bad Beat Hand in Poker, ask yourself if this could have been prevented. Could you have raised more preflop and weeded out the weak players (providing you had a very strong starting hand). Could you have raised more or gone all in when you knew you had the best hand or the nuts. Are you playing against a player who is catching all the cards and running hot? There are many ways to analyze a bad beat in poker but something poker players really do not think about is, how often do they give a bad beat to somebody else.

For example, I really do not think much about the time I was playing in a very large no limit Texas holdem tournament (over 500 players) and at the final table. I was getting blinded off and playing tight trying to let other players get knocked out so I could finish in a higher position. We were down to 7 players and I was first to act with Pocket Eights and pushed all in. 3 positions to the left of me called my bet with Pocket Aces and I am sure most intelligent poker players would have done the same. He had twice my chip stack and came over the top and pushed all in and I was pretty sure I was in trouble but would rather go heads up with a mid pocket pair. I hit an 8 on the flop and of course had to listen to player who received the bad beat about how lucky I was. Yes I was lucky that hand and when we got down to 3 players we chopped (divided up the poker pool prize). But I sort of or was wanting to win the hand prior to going up against a higher pocket pair, thus, this hand is one of many hand I totally remember because it had such a big impact on me making it to the final 3. I really could not even come close to remembering all the times I drew out on somebody else in other tournaments especially after playing tournaments for 20 years.

However, when I think of Bad Beats the real hands that come to mind are the Bad Beat Poker hands where I was on the losing end. I will never forget having my Pocket Kings cracked by Pocket Threes and going out on the bubble in 1000 dollar buy in no limit at the Bellagio. What really hurt was the opponent was a terrible player and I saw him outdraw 2 other players with very weak starting hands, and the fact that I was rivered that hand by him getting a 3 on the last card did not make the situation any better.

Something that many poker players do not really consider is how negative aspects of life have a much bigger impact on us that positive. How many times have you gone to the store and noticed that the item you were looking for was not there or was not your color or size. These situations have a big impact on us because when we get what we want, or get what we expect it has very little impact on us. We get Bad Beats in our daily life and somehow just expect the Good Beats or normal situations that have no impact. Copyright© 2010 - 2012. All rights reserved